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Ultimately, after vanquishing the Darklighter Rennek and absorbing the Empyreal Sword, the Grimoire and the All into herself, she became the caretaker of the connection between Earth to the Upper Regions and to the Underworld.Over the course of the year, she began to pose a threat to her family and eventually, despite her best intentions and efforts, became a calamity to mankind.Her Wiccan powers were focused on mind and movement: the ability to move objects with her mind, and the ability to project herself in an astral form.Besides this, Prue possessed the basic powers of a witch: the ability to cast spells, brew potions and scry for lost objects or people.

A frightened Victor went to check on Prue and noticed she's not in her bed anymore, he ran outside and saw a van, thus, making him think something bad had happened.He opened the door and found himself in the playground as well.He was able to find Prue and return her safely back.As Patience, Prue lived in Salem, Massachusetts and runs "Salem Witch House", a tourist attraction.Though Prue initially chose to keep her distance from her sisters out of fear of the cataclysmic consequences, she eventually decided to return to San Francisco when her youngest sister, Paige Matthews, arrived in search of a candidate for Magic School who worked at "Salem Witch House", and was happily reunited with Piper and Phoebe.

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Despite her formidable powers and sharp intellect, Prue was tragically murdered on May 17th, 2001, in her own home by the Source of All Evil's personal assassin, Shax, which temporarily severed The Power of Three altogether.

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